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Monday, 11 September 2017


Don't you hate disappointment? Like when your about to fly overseas and the day you go the airport its shut because it's snowing. Or when you're all ready to play Friday sport but it’s called off because of the rain. Fishing is full of disappointment. I reckon 90 percent of fishing results in no fish. Here are some reasons why.
when you're fishing, the goal is to catch enough fish for dinner. So you're at a river and your trying to cast to the perfect spot where that hungry rainbow trout is. So you grip your hands to the line and pull back and then swing, and watch your lure go flying across the sky, but you cast too far and your lure gets stuck in a tree. So you spend the next ten minutes trying to get it out of the tree but the line snaps and you have to put a new lure on.

Or when you are just about to go for a fish in the Marlborough sounds. You've been looking forward to heading out fishing for ages. You've gotten up early, spent ages getting all the gear ready and  you're finally set to cruise out to find some huge blue cod but…..your boat does not start. The engine is not working so you call your engineer and he says your going to have to buy a new engine and it takes a week to install a new engine.
or when your finally winding up the line and you think you have the biggest fish in the whole world so you keep winding and winding. Could it be a king fish or could it be a snapper or is it a blue cod? Nope, it turns out to be…... a big stick. Great, just what I wanted for dinner.
As you can see most  fishing trip results with no fish. Which is disappointing. But still, good things come to those who bait!

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