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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Science journal

 Week one day one: On the first day of the term we made slime. It was green we made it runny so it would slowly go down Mr Anderson we made it by mixing corn flour and water together. Then we put dye in it so it would go green. The learning was learning how to make slime and seeing what the best texture was. I think I am multistructural because I did not know any forces, I knew how to observe, and I had a vague idea how to inference.

Week 2: In week 2 we were making balloon rockets. The activity was to see how far the balloon would travel on the straw. We used string so that the straw could go on to it and then you stick the balloon on it. The learning in this activity was learning about force. Force is wind resistant, friction, air pressure and much more. The air pressure was making our balloon, go really fast. I think I am multistructural because I now new how to infer, I could actively observe, and I could say something's on forces.

Week 3: In week three we did balloon rockets again. We did it with fishing line instead of string because the string was not smooth and the balloon and the straw could not travel far and on the fishing line it was a lot smoother. I was really  surprised trd he the balloon went a lot faster. The friction on the fishing line was a lot less than the string. I am multistructural because I could finally actively observe, easily infer, and knew what forces were were.

Week four: In week four we did the trebuchet. For the first test we put 4 weights in and it went 8 meters. The projectile was a tennis ball our second test was with 5 weights and the projectile was a tennis ball again and it went 11 point 18 meters. I wonder what would happen if we used a bouncy ball?  At the start of the season I
thought the heavier balls would go further than the light balls but my prediction was wrong. My gathering data was multistructural because I can rely on my observation but would other people see what I see. I can figure out what the observations mean but I am not confident about the logic of my inferences.

Week 8:Max and I are learning about projectiles this term, the trebuchet and onsager's similarities and differences.

Even though they both chuck things into the air, that doesn't mean they're the same thing.  One is bigger than the other so already they’re not the same. Another reason is the trebuchet uses weight to power it and the onager uses rope power to power it.

The trebuchet goes higher than the onager because the trebuchet has a higher arch. Quick fact the onager used to be used to smash castles to smithereens.

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