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Monday, 19 September 2016

Over fishing

This year my speech was on over fishing and big fishing companies. In this speech i was learning to structure my speech and use language devices.. my speech is well organised showing connections and flow between all important parts of the speech structure, and has many ideas connect to the point of view. I also used an imperative, where you make the audience do something, for example I said “Picture this, a world with no fish”. I feel good about how my speech went. 

Please click here to listen to my speech or read it below.

  Have you ever noticed people fishing? Maybe You have seen them fishing off the rocks or out on a boat or even fishing off a pier. When you have seen them, did you say to yourself ‘how many fish are they going to catch?’

Picture this. A world with no fish! This is the way the world is heading because people aren't following the fishing rules. Do you know what the fishing rules are? People that are fishing have charts on there boat which say how big the fish has to be to keep it. Now imagine if you were out on a boat and you caught your dream fish and it was just under size... would you keep it?  If you did it will not be able to live to adult life and would not be able to reproduce more fish. My grandad always says “we will catch it when it is bigger.” Do you watch ITM Fishing show? When they catch a fish that is undersized they say “Let it go to grow”

There is also a limit on how many fish you are allowed to take each day. People are also taking too many fish. Too many for them to eat and wasting them. People are taking over the limit. In different places the limit is different. You have to be careful because the limits are different in different places. You are allowed to take 30 blue cod per person in some places and in different places you are allowed to take 2 per person, which makes more sense because how many people would eat 30 fish in one day? Or even a week. They have limits for people because they would take millions of fish if there wasn't and if this happens it would be the end of marine life.

Another big problem are large fishing boats. Some boats are towing nets behind them which can fit five jumbo jets in them! And they can fit up to five tonnes of fish in them. It is bad because they are making millions off money and killing billions of fish. The fish that they don't need die, and are thrown back into the sea .

Even worse, the holes in the nets are not big enough so all the fish, including the young ones get swept up.  We need bigger holes in the nets so the little fish are not caught and can swim away, this would help save the young fish.  

 It is important that we don't over fish and take fish under size. Next time you eat fish think of where it came from it probably came from a fishing Company, maybe even one that used those nets with no holes.
If people listen to what I'm saying then there will be enough fish for future generations.

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