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Thursday, 7 July 2016


Think of this: You arrive at a new school and you are looking around trying to find a new class. Everyone was staring at you and whispering. When it was lunch time, you would
sit on the cold damp concrete all alone. Everyone got the cool seats. They were leaning in and covering their mouths while they were whispering (based on what country she came from). 
NZ has a hidden problem. Some immigrants don't feel welcome here. Prejudice is when you prejudge people before you know them. It is offensive because you are labeling them based on what they wear, what they eat and how they talk but mostly where they came from. My example is when a young girl came from Iran she started school in New Zealand  someone came up to her and said “Is there a bomb in your lunch box?” just based of the country she came from. It made her feel really unwelcome to New Zealand. Another example is when she worked at a cafe a person said “What country do you come from?” She said “I come from Iran” and the people looked away when she said it.

There are many ways you can make a immigrant feel welcome. You could go and say hi with a smile on your face. If they were sitting by themselves you could go up to them and ask if they want to play with you. You could start a conversation with them and ask where they come from. It would make them feel included to the city. You would not treat them differently to other people. You would treat them like you treat your friends. You could offer them free tea and coffee or you could get fish and chips for dinner and ice cream for dessert. It would make them feel included to your country.

New Zealand has a hidden problem. Some immigrants don't feel welcome. It is important that we treat immigrants like we treat everyone else and stop all the prejudice. Otherwise it can lead up to people feeling isolated and alone and could lead up to wars and suicide. But we can stop this by taking a few simple steps.


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